AI-driven Analytics
for Payers and Providers
Automated information extraction and actionable insights from clinical, claims, administrative, and social data.
About Us
Datycs delivers technology solutions for automating extraction of clinical, administrative and sociodemographic data. Our natural language processing (NLP) technology unlocks valuable information in 80% of health record data that is typically unstructured and unused. Our solutions integrate this information with data from electronic health records, claims, and other administrative and social databases, to provide analytics and actionable insights. These insights improve operational efficiency in several areas including risk adjustment, revenue management, quality measure abstraction, and utilization reviews.
Who We Work With

Health Plans

Advanced analytics to improve operational efficiency in risk adjustment, revenue management, quality measures, and utilization reviews.

Accountable Care Organizations

Automated solutions that standardize risk adjustment by aggregating clinical risks and social determinants of health, facilitate provider performance management.

Health Systems & Medical Groups

Automated solutions that improve the efficiency of clinical documentation and coding, risk adjustment, and the development of comprehensive care profiles.
Our cloud-based platform seamlessly integrates structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources including clinical charts, electronic health records, and other traditional and big data repositories. It is highly scalable and supports rapid development and deployment of machine learning models and natural language processing (NLP) applications to automate and enhance accuracy of information extracted from source data streams.

Flexible Deployment Options

Our epitomi application can be deployed as a fully managed HIPAA compliant cloud service, or in private clusters on premise or in a cloud.

Srini Rao 

Founder & CEO

Charles Boicey

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Advisory Board

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